Do I have to vote for them?

We are now less than a month away from the general election, and many of the races are getting downright disgusting and repulsive.  We as a representative republic go through this every two or four years and think it has never been this bad, but it has.  Today, social media gives us instant access to what the candidates say and what some want you to think about it.  If we go back in history, in 1800 In the country’s first contested presidential election, supporters of Thomas Jefferson claimed incumbent John Adams wanted to marry off his son to the daughter of King George III, creating an American dynasty under British rule.  Ask your grandparents about the 1964 Goldwater vs. Johnson, it is all a matter of context.

Yes, we have become more polarized as a nation, we can go through a number of reasons why, but at this point we have four candidates running for President of the United States. I encourage you to do your own research as unfiltered as possible to find where the candidates stand on issues important to you.

By all means, please vote on November 8th. I have said on the campaign trail, if you want to change things, it starts at home. Learn about your candidates for county offices, state legislatures and congress.  When you find those you agree with, contact them and help them get elected, or re-elected.  I ask for your vote as together we make Kansas the state we all know it can be.