What does it mean to be endorsed?

Leading up to the election, politicians are looking for three things:  votes, money and endorsements. Ultimately, we are always looking for one more vote, to assure victory or to gain a larger margin in the win column.  Money, as is said, is the mother’s milk of politics, the more money you raise the more you can get your message out through mailers, advertising and other methods and the one that brings them both together is the endorsement. 

An endorsement is important to a candidate, as is says to like-minded thinkers, this person agrees with my philosophy and I should support the candidate. Which in turn, could mean more voters and possible more money being raised.

I am proud to have received endorsements from: Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Livestock Association, Kansas REALTOR Pac, National Federation of Independent Business/Kansas SAFE Trust, Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, NRA-PVF, Kansas Rifle Association and Kansans for Life.

I would encourage you to research the issues important to you and discuss them with candidates.  Remember, we are always looking for one more vote.